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Our users see a 60-70% increase in purchase attribution within their marketing platforms,
such as Facebook and Google. Allowing ad platforms to work more efficiently, find new consumers faster and convert more. With TrackBee, your ad campaigns become not only smarter but also significantly more effective.

Why you need TrackBee

Digital tracking is evolving rapidly, and is becoming increasingly challenging due to privacy updates and the widespread use of ad blockers, which deteriorate standard pixel tracking methods. With TrackBee’s reliable server-side tracking, you can bypass these obstacles by directly sending data from the server to the advertising platforms. This method captures 60-70% more conversions and site events that standard tracking methods often miss.

Server-side tracking offers enhanced data accuracy by reducing data loss caused by browser restrictions. This leads to more accurate targeting, higher conversion rates, lower CPAs, and improved return on ad spend.

With TrackBee you comply with privacy norms and ensure that every ad dollar you spend is optimized for the best possible returns.

Setting up server-side tracking can be expensive and time-consuming, but TrackBee has streamlined this process for you.

Our platform allows you to implement accurate server-side tracking in less than 2 minutes with an easy-to-use setup.

We guarantee 99% accuracy in data delivery to all your marketing platforms.

Common use cases
Building profiles
Not only do we have the highest accuracy in the market, we also work on the quality of your data.

By building profiles of your visitors we use GDPR-compliant data to add extra information to all events, such as email, location, phone, etc.

This results in higher event match quality, which in turn leads to better understanding of the platforms, who your customers are.
Double Your Quality Scores
Standard tracking integrations don't enrich your events, resulting in matching scores that are lower than 10%.

At TrackBee, we are using the power of detailed customer profiles, utilizing past events data, to improve matching scores and increase data quality.

Through our session enrichments techniques, we increase your matching scores up to 200%. This approach enables the ad-platforms to more effectively identify and reach your ideal customers (All GDPR compliant).
Never worry about missing or incorrect data
Our advanced data monitoring tool not not only provides more accurate data in advertising platforms, but also give you a detailed order feed where you can see exactly which sales are generated from which channels to give you a better understanding.
It's not all about you
Our trends page offers a clear view of how your performance compares to the market. Get detailed analysis and compare your ROAS and CPC's with the industry.

That way you know exactly where you stand and where there is potential for further improvement.
Boost your online ads with TrackBee's Conversion Booster for Google Ads
Don't miss a single order anymore! Our Conversion Booster reduces the margin of error of standard Google Ads tracking.

We combine client-side and server-side tracking to deliver the highest quantity and quality of data. This gives you a more complete picture of the effectiveness of your ads, capturing almost every user interaction and ensuring no valuable data is lost.

With this richer data, Google’s algorithm can optimize your ads more effectively, ensurng that your ad dollars are spent on reaching the most relevant audience.
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