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The power of META & TikTok Ads: Mastering UGC for profitable campaigns

You invest considerable time and effort to your advertising campaigns, yet they fail to convert. Sound familiar? Fear not, we are here to help.

The success of your Facebook and TikTok ad campaigns depends heavily upon the quality and relevance of your creative content. Advertisements that truly result in engagement, conversions and profit, are those that tell a trustworthy story that resonates with your audience. That's why User-Generated Content (UGC) works. So, if you discover that your ads aren't generating the desired profits, chances are the creatives are the issue. Your brand can no longer depend on basic content and expect favorable ad outcomes. It's time to stop using the same old ads for months and start with a constant flow of new content. But how? In this blog, we'll guide you through 5 simple steps to generate UGC creatives that will enhance your ad performance. Let's dive in!  

1. Research 


An effective way to create relevant UGC that directly addresses the needs and desires of your audience is by understanding what your target demographic is searching for online. Analyzing queries related to your product or service can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Search for frequently asked questions, problems, and desired outcomes. Bonus tip: the headline of a popular article can also serve as a great hook for a video, as it immediately grabs the attention.


Referring to scientifically supported claims can lend your UGC an air of authority and credibility. Search on PubMed for studies supporting the benefits or effectiveness of your product and its unique mechanism and take note of these. As you now have the scientifically backed solution to their problems, the video will have a more powerful impact.


Customer reviews provide a direct line to what consumers appreciate about your product or service. Reddit is a treasure trove of direct feedback and real-life insights on almost any topic. Here, you can find unfiltered opinions from people who have used similar products, as they feel free to express themselves anonymously. Pay attention to the language used and specific points of praise or criticism, which you can leverage for converting credible UGC.

2. Analyse

Review Mining

Use a data scraper to collect all reviews in a spreadsheet. Then, analyze the most mentioned pain points, unique selling points, desired results, objections, purchase triggers, benefits, failed solutions, and doubts using ChatGPT. By using real testimonials, reviews, or stories from happy customers, you help your audience connect personally and show them how your product or service works in real life, thereby easing their doubts.

Your competition

Learn from your competitors by thoroughly analyzing their successes: what works for them and why? Create a board on Foreplay where you save all your competitors' long-running ads; these are usually the most profitable ads. Take note of the frameworks, concepts and hooks, so you can combine the most effective elements into your own videos.

Your own ads

A thorough analysis of your own ads in the Ads manager can provide valuable insights. Look at the ads that perform best and try to understand why. By understanding what resonates with your audience and drives engagement, you can uncover valuable patterns and trends. With these insights, you can then refine your approach and develop new, more effective UGC.

3. Define


Defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is crucial for effective targeting. Take everything you've learned from your research and audits to create detailed profiles of your target audience. This includes age, gender, interests, core beliefs, problems, needs, goals, budget, and the channels where they are most active.


It's essential to set clear goals in measurable terms, so you can work more efficiently and know exactly when campaigns are profitable. This includes determining your desired Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This also helps guide the strategy and optimize future campaigns.


Hypotheses and Angles

Formulate hypotheses and angles on what you think might work in your UGC and why. Test multiple angles, and after the test, come back to write whether your hypothesis is indeed correct or not. This systematic approach allows you to experiment systematically and quickly identify what is most effective. Found a winning angle? Use it in more ads to generate more converting creations quickly.

4. Content creation

Summarize all findings in a document so you can write targeted scripts. Write scripts that directly address the pain points and desired outcomes of your audience using direct response copywriting. Always write three different hooks to determine which one works best. A hook determines 70% of the success, so an excellent hook is essential. Then send the scripts with a clear briefing to the creators, agreeing on a clear deadline and budget. After the creator has filmed everything, the editor checks the footage, requests revisions if necessary, and then creates a full video. Bonus tip: add subtitles, as most viewers watch videos without sound.

5. Launch and Analyse (yes, again)

Now that the ad creatives are ready, it's time to launch your UGC with the right creative testing strategy. After reaching the desired ad budget, analyze the ads. Identify winning ads and optimize them by using a different visual hook, incorporating an AI voiceover, or testing different visuals during the video. Then, use insights from the new winning videos to formulate new hypotheses, aiming to create more winning ads.


Now you are ready to bring your Facebook and TikTok ads to the next level through the use of UGC. But, if your schedule is packed or if you feel like you're still lacking expertise, we at GoViral would be happy to help your brand achieve accelerated growth. What you've just read in this blog is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our expertise at GoViral. Ready to dive deeper and see how we grow your brand? Schedule a meeting with us today! {link} Or browse through our success stories and envision the possibilities {link}. 

This blog was written by one of our many valued partners. If you are interested in collaborating and providing value to TrackBee's community, we'd love to hear from you - get in touch via email. For questions about GoViral, please find their contact information above.


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