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Big news in the world of digital marketing! We listened to our community and it's finally here: TrackBee introduces 100% tracking for Google Ads! 🎉

What was previously considered impossible has now become a reality. We have cracked the code for 100% tracking attribution from Google Ads - a first in the history of e-commerce. In this blog, we dive into the challenges advertisers are experiencing with Google Ads and the unique integration TrackBee offers to fix this challenging situation.

Google Ads: A Powerful Tool with Challenges

Google Ads has radically changed the way businesses run ads. However, many advertisers are facing some challenges, especially in the areas of tracking and attribution:

  • Privacy-Related Restrictions:
    With the growing focus on user privacy and phasing out third-party cookies, it is becoming more difficult for advertisers to collect and use detailed user data for targeted ads.
  • Understanding the Full Customer Journey:
    Attributing conversions to the right ads can be complex, especially when multiple interactions occur before a conversion occurs. This makes it difficult to determine which ads are actually effective.
  • Attribution models:
    Standard attribution models in Google Ads do not always provide the flexibility or accuracy companies need to understand the true impact of their campaigns. Businesses often need more sophisticated or custom attribution models.
  • Data Delays and Inaccuracies:
    Advertisers regularly experience delays or inaccuracies in reporting, leading to decision-making based on incomplete or outdated information.
  • Integration with Other Marketing Channels:
    Many companies struggle with seamlessly integrating Google Ads data with other marketing tools and platforms, which is essential for a holistic marketing strategy

Complete Insight and Optimization with TrackBee

TrackBee introduces a groundbreaking solution to the challenges advertisers face with Google Ads:

  • Advanced Data Collection:
    At Trackbee, we use the most advanced data collection techniques: server side tracking, client side, first-party data and data enrichment models to get the best possible data set. With TrackBee's AI-driven approach, advertisers can still collect accurate and relevant data within the limits of current privacy regulations, without relying on third-party cookies.
  • Better Insights and Attribution:
    By not only collecting data but also sending it back to Google, TrackBee helps refine Google Ads' algorithm, leading to more accurate attribution and insight into which ads contribute the most to conversions.
  • Fast and Accurate Data Processing:
    Through real-time tracking and fast data processing, TrackBee reduces reporting delays and inaccuracies, allowing advertisers to rely on the most up-to-date information for decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration with Other Marketing Channels:
    TrackBee facilitates integration with various marketing tools and platforms, which is essential for a coherent and comprehensive marketing strategy.

With this approach, advertisers with TrackBee can benefit from more precise targeting, improved ad results and higher ROI. Every euro invested in ads is now used more effectively, while the overall efficiency of marketing campaigns improves.

The First Successes

The results speak for themselves. Our users have already reported impressive revenue growth of 10-30% within the first week. These success stories not only highlight TrackBee's effectiveness, but also demonstrate that perfect data tracking is within reach.

Simple Integration, Powerful Results

What makes TrackBee so special? It's our ease of use. With a few simple steps, you link your Google account to TrackBee. You don't have to worry about complex setups or technical obstacles. The platform is designed to create tracking events automatically. This means that as soon as you connect Google Ads to TrackBee, the conversions are automatically imported by us and the system immediately starts collecting relevant data about your ads. As a result, you don't need a data analyst to set up tracking correctly, we do it automatically for you. Just a few clicks and you're ready to go.

Your Partner in Growth

At TrackBee, we don't stop at offering a solution. We are your partner in growth. Sign up or log in to your TrackBee dashboard and start optimizing your Google Ads campaigns today. Check out our website and find out what we can do for you!


TrackBee has taken a revolutionary step in the world of online advertising with its advanced Google Ads integration. By addressing the challenges of tracking and attribution, we offer a complete solution that results in better insights, accurate data, and more effective ad campaigns.


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